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Boddingtons Electrical Ltd

Executive Summary

Boddingtons were already on an ERP solution for over 10 years and the choice to change was made more apparent when we started looking at Priority. Many features included within Priority were extras or needed programming in our old ERP. The initial reason for looking for a new ERP was increasing license costs and a total cost of ownership of our old ERP. ABS approached us with a new ERP solution and a demo was arranged. We could see from an early stage that Priority has the ability to grow and be moulded according to our business needs. One of the early features we liked was the screen design giving users the control to change the fields to exactly where they needed them all with a GUI interface.

After two days our staff were happy and excited that they were on the new Priority ERP
Boddingtons Electrical Ltd


We were finding challenges with our current ERP solution other than the TCO. If certain areas needed to be adjusted we had to pay for programming. With the business rules using Business Process Management (BPM) and inbuilt data generators we haven't had to use any programming to achieve the controls that the business needs. All this can be done by any staff member the company nominates using the permissions in Priority.

Results & Return on Investment

Once we gave the go ahead the time to move was very quick. ABS created a program for the data migration from our old ERP to Priority. This drastically reduced the time of the project to six weeks. During this time we were offered several days training but actually only needed two with Priority being intuitive. We had several manual processes in our company and this is now handled by Business Process Management within Priority with notifications being sent in all areas of the business, including our sales authorisation process. We are very much a customer driven business and using Priority we can keep to our deadlines of order to shipment in 3 days. It has also improved the staff efficiently and increased management efficiency by automatically improving the flow of a sale etc. If a report needs creating, the staff can create this report using the report generators which gives a GUI interface that is simple yet effective. User feedback has been very positive and the adoption of the new system was greatly received.

Future Plans

We are about to start using serial numbers on the products we produce. LOT numbers and expiry dates are important to us and we will start using these to enable full traceability. This will allow us to produce a report for the items that are approaching the end of their shelf life.