Accountancy software - get the best results

Make sure that you're making the most of your new accountancy software.

The key to the successful adoption of a new accountancy software or Enterprise Resources Planning system is planning. If you don't make sure that the implementation of the system is carefully planned and communicated across the business, you run a clear risk of the system not working as well for you as it could; disenfranchising your employers, suppliers and, most importantly, your customers.

How to plan

If you choose an experienced supplier for your new accountancy software, you should be able to work with them and use their expertise to help you plan ahead. In particular, you need to consider some of the following points:

Do I need to run my new system alongside my old system?

In some circumstances, it may be beneficial to run both systems at the same time. This can only be for a short while, however, because of the extra work involved. Properly managed, running your systems in tandem may help you to achieve an easier hand-over from the old system to the new one.

What training should I give my staff?

No new software should be installed for your business without giving your employees the right training. A lack of understanding about how the new system works could result in mistakes being made, and will also frustrate your employees. Arrange with your system provider for the relevant level of training to be given to all those that need it. This may take place off-site for a dedicated period, or may involve training staff working with your employees at your offices to make sure they understand how the system works in practice.

How do I communicate the changes?

In many situations, accountancy software fails to bring the promised benefits simply because people within the business don't understand its capabilities or possibilities. If you are leading this process of change, you will need to communicate clearly with your employees, customers and suppliers, making sure that everyone has plenty of notice about the intended changes - and a point of contact for any queries they may have.

What happens once the accountancy software is installed?

A good software supplier won't forget about you as soon as the installation's complete. They'll monitor your progress over the initial start-up period and be on-hand to sort out any problems you may have. If you are offered a support agreement when you purchase your accountancy software, think seriously about taking it - it's often only after the software is installed that problems arise, and you need the support and advice of the experts to make sure your business isn't affected by any problems.

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