ABS - Pirority

Priority Enterprise Resource Planning software:

It's Comprehensive, flexible, simple and affordable.  The Priority ERP solution has an extremely broad scope of functionality that is used in the most demanding of industries, from pharmaceuticals and medical equipment to aerospace manufacture, as well as project driven and service led organisations. Priority is a stable platform using SQL or Oracle as underlying the database. 

A huge bonus of the Priority software is that it works across a range of devices, making it easy for your team to connect remotely.

The main features of Priority include:

Opportunity Management

Use Priority BPM to track timelines, follow up on all opportunity-related tasks and ensure compliance with your approved opportunity management policies (proposal authorisations, etc.).

Account Management

Get a holistic view of the customer, including customer contacts, tasks, sales opportunities, price quotes, order backlog, shipments, invoices, payments, billing status/aging – all consolidated within a single work area.

Lead Management

Qualify leads, assign by region and qualification to the right sales reps, and keep track of progress using our built-in Business Process Management

Sales & Order Targets

Create a hierarchy of targets for sales reps, rolling up through the region level and above.

Target & Forecast Analysis

Slice and dice sales pipeline opportunities by region, timeline, sales team and more, or drill down for the details that make up the aggregates.

Marketing Campaigns

Creation, management and measurement of marketing campaigns to selected market segments.

Mobile Solutions

Priority allows your team to access the ERP system from their mobile devices with no 3rd party integration required.

Data migration tools

Users define the structure of input files, load each file to a work area where data is checked, revised and then loaded into Priority. Loading data from the work area in this fashion simulates manual data entry.

Mail integration

Priority's mail integration offers direct synchronisation of incoming e-mail messages with related Priority records. Synchronised records can be of any type, such as sales opportunities, price quotes, service calls or invoices. Links to Priority records can be also added to outgoing mail messages, either manually with a single command or automatically by the system itself  (e.g., notification of a status change). 

System configuration

Priority is loaded with extensive user-level configuration tools for business rules, form and menu design, and document layout. Customisation capabilities cover BPM (Business Process Management) tools, business rules, forms, reports, documents, standard and financial report generators, and MS-Word integration for creating custom print layouts using smart tags (e.g., for bar code labels and checks).

Reporting and Charting Tools

Create and customize dashboards, reports and charts using Priority‘s built-in Wizards and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Configure your home page with preferred dashboards to fit your job role and responsibilities. Exceptions can be clearly displayed. Analyze performance with integrated Business Intelligence (BI) tools that let you study data in numerous dimensions.

Development tools

Priority's development tools allow programmers to develop software customizations that require no compilation, even after version upgrades. Each customization becomes an integrated part of the application itself (e.g., Search and Choose lists are added automatically when a new entity is joined to an existing one, deletion checks are added automatically). Consequently, developers can focus on logic rather than on software issues.